Wealth Report

Wealth Report

Wealth Central is designed to work on mobile or desktop devices. Our clients can keep track of their finances here and update information when significant events occur. It also serves as a portal for safe data sharing and provides a great snapshot of your financial world as a starting point for receiving financial advice.

There is a lot of information available to all consumers 24/7 when it comes to new financial strategies, investment products and services. The hard part is how to tie everything together and understand which blend of the many options out there is most appropriate for their individual circumstances. This is where Zebra Tailored Wealth can help by providing personal advice.

Through the innovative use of technology, the Wealth Report can also help in your financial journey. This easy-to-use online tool allows you to use your own data to help you understand how you are travelling financially and provide an overall snapshot of your financial circumstances.

After answering questions about you and your finances – at a time that suits you – in less than 20 minutes you will receive a personalised snapshot of your financial situation.

You can also use this tool to model different incomes and expenses to see how changes in these would improve your situation, as well as finding out what is possible by comparing you to other Australians.



Wealth Report is a one-stop shop for understanding your financial situation

We’ll crunch the numbers on what your home is worth, how much tax you pay, what your insurance needs are, and more. We’ll give you a single, overall picture of your finances.


Use Wealth Report’s industry-leading modelling to project your future.

Can you afford that new home? Do you have enough for those rennovations? Will private school fees push you into the red? Are you ready for retirement? How much pension will you receive?


Explore multiple ‘What if’ scenarios for the years ahead.

What if interest rates go up? What if you cut back on expenses? What if you retire early? What if the government removes the Age Pension? What if you receive an inheritance?