About your Zebra Wealth Portal

About your Zebra Wealth Portal

Control your future, digitally

Clients who are new to Zebra complete a Wealth Report prior to the initial discovery meeting. It is only meant to take 20 minutes or so and we only require one per couple.

When asked if you would like the adviser to contact you, please say ‘yes’ to adviser contact so that the information you enter is visible to us.

Starting your Zebra Wealth Report Prior to your initial discovery meeting


Enjoy a 360° view of your financial life – any time, anywhere – via your favorite digital device. Stay on top of your financial plan with the ability to easily engage with your adviser and store your financial document electronically.

That’s the way it should be, right? With Wealth Central, that’s the way it is.


Project your future – vividly and instantly. With Wealth Central’s Our Future function, you and your adviser can readily examine multiple scenarios to vividly illustrate opportunities, options and outcomes for your best financial life.


Using Wealth Central’s Dashboard, the fog that might otherwise prevent you from fully engaging and understanding your finances is replaced with brilliant sunshine. Wealth Central’s vivid layouts, infographics and real time data displays keep you in the know and in control.

It’s a constant light bulb moment.


Upload and verify your financial data securely via Wealth Central’s Document Vault and communicate with your adviser via the secure direct messaging service. So you can be rest assured that your financial data is secure, accurate and up to date – and that your financial life is in great hands.

How Wealth Central works for you

Wealth Report

Wealth Dashboard

To get your personalised Wealth Reports, you build a detailed picture of your overall financial life by taking a number of small ‘profile journeys’ that you can come back and complete any time. As you progress you learn more about your goals and what’s important to you. Once your journey is complete, you will be rewarded with your very own Wealth Report that will be presented in a way that brings it all vividly to life. This will become the foundation for your financial plan and allows for a more interactive discussion with your adviser.

A dynamic, highly personalised dashboard just for you that will give you a 360° view of your financial life. Aside from storing your personal and financial details, your Wealth Dashboard can serve up instant access to your bank, insurance, investments and superannuation details – all protected by high-level security in one convenient place.

Our Future

Wealth Review

With our powerful modeling engine, you can graphically see the impact that even small changes you make today can have on achieving your long-term goals. Based on your individual situation and goals you’ve already entered, your adviser can demonstrate a range of scenarios that will help you arrive at steps to take now to help you live your best financial life tomorrow.

Building wealth and reaching your financial goals is a lifelong process. Periodic reviews are one way to help you stay on track to achieve your goals. Confirming your data and current circumstances is an important part of the review, and verification can now be done digitally. Your adviser will then have a review conversation with you.