Wealth Management

Wealth Management


At Zebra Tailored Wealth, our goal is to work with you along the way on life’s journey. As such, our approach to wealth management starts with getting to know you.

We want to learn about you and your family, your current situation, the plans and goals you have for the future, as well as spending time discussing the values you believe in and the concerns you have. Only then can we tailor a solution to meet your unique needs.


The first part of structuring a solution will be to build out a framework for holding your wealth. At Zebra Tailored Wealth we strongly believe that a strong foundation on tax and ownership structuring is one of the most reliable ways of enhancing and protecting your long-term wealth. This interactive and educational process usually starts with developing a strategy around evaluating options based on ownership of assets and management of cash flow. This might involve how and when to use superannuation, what to invest in different names, and when a tangible benefit exists, how other options such as trusts or company ownership could benefit you.


The second part is constructing an investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs. We understand that most of our clients consider protecting the wealth they have already created as important as growing it. Therefore, our approach to portfolio construction is based on understanding time frames, liquidity needs, return needs, attitude to risk, and then illustrating expected results with sensible and realistic projections and not taking unnecessary risks.


All of Zebra Tailored Wealth’s advisers have considerable wealth advisory and investment experience that means you are in safe hands. But even the best advisers need a solid research team behind them. As such, Zebra Tailored Wealth has chosen to be part of Insignia Financial, who are Australia’s largest advice network and responsible for the management of approximately $297 billion dollars of investments.

Being part of Australia’s largest financial advice network benefits our clients as it means we are supported by a team of highly experienced investment research professionals. This team assist us with economic and market data as well as comprehensive fund manager and investment research. The result is your portfolio will have an asset allocation that has been professionally developed to reflect the current and expected market conditions and will consist of a best-in-class range of investment managers that we believe will provide the best opportunity to meet your investment objectives.

Zebra Tailored Wealth can therefore provide you with the personalised service of a small company, but with the investment research and support of one of Australia’s largest wealth management firms.


Lastly, at Zebra Tailored Wealth we advise with integrity, and we provide honest advice. As such we offer an easy-to-understand fee for service proposition, and we do not recommend investments that have additional payments to advisers. This means our clients can be sure that the advice we provide is in their own best interest, not ours.

We look forward to working with you.